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Researchers in this study want to learn more about the effect of a new drug called BAY2327949 on the blood flow through kidneys in adult participants with moderate long lasting kidney disease. It is thought that, in long lasting kidney disease, blood flow through the kidney tissue is changed, and that some parts of the kidney may receive less oxygen and nutrients because of this. BAY2327949 is a new drug under development with a goal to modify how much blood is flowing through kidneys. It works by binding to and blocking proteins that can regulate blood flow through the kidneys. Participants in this study will receive 3 tablets of BAY2327949 once and 3 tablets of Placebo once (a placebo looks like a drug but does not have any medicine in it). Both BAY2327949 and Placebo will be taken orally. And after taking each of them, participants will undergo a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning for 60 to 90 minutes to assess the blood flow to kidneys. MRI is an examination of parts of the body (in this case the kidney) which provides images of these regions. Blood samples will be collected from the participants to check the general health and look at how the study drug is working in the body and how the body affects the study drug. Participants will visit the hospital or clinic about 4 times in total, and the observation for each participant will not more than 56 days.

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NCT number NCT04552262
Study type Interventional
Source Bayer
Status Terminated
Phase Phase 1
Start date September 30, 2020
Completion date May 5, 2021