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Cognitive decline represents a major threat among the deleterious effects of population aging. The investigators propose to conduct an RCT (randomized controlled trial) on the subpopulation of MCI patients, and examine whether intensive musical or psychomotor group interventions can improve their cognitive and sensorimotor functioning, as well as induce brain plasticity, compared to a passive healthy control group, matched for age, gender and education level. The 2 training regimens will take place twice a week over 6 months and will be provided by professionals in each field.

Clinical Trial Description

Background Regular cognitive training can boost or maintain cognitive and brain functions known to decline with age. Most studies administered such cognitive training on a computer and in a lab setting. However, everyday life activities, like musical practice or physical exercise that are complex and variable, could be more successful at inducing transfer effects to different cognitive domains and maintaining motivation. "Body-mind exercises", like Tai Chi or psychomotor exercise, may also positively affect cognitive functioning in the elderly. We will investigate the influence of active music practice and psychomotor training over 6 months in Mild Cognitive Impairment patients from university hospital memory clinics on cognitive and sensorimotor performance and brain plasticity. Methods We aim to conduct a randomized controlled (RCT) multicenter intervention study on 32 Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) patients (60-80 years), divided over 2 experimental groups: 1) Music practice; 2) Psychomotor treatment. Controls will consist of a passive test-retest group of 16 age, gender and education level matched healthy volunteers. The training regimens take place twice a week for 45 minutes over 6 months in small groups, provided by professionals, and patients should exercise daily at home. Data collection takes place at baseline (before the interventions), 3, and 6 months after training onset, on cognitive and sensorimotor capacities, subjective well-being, daily living activities, and via functional and structural neuroimaging. Considering the current constraints of the ongoing COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Disease of 2019) pandemic, recruitment and data collection takes place in 2 waves. Discussion We will investigate whether musical practice or psychomotor exercise in small groups can improve cognitive, sensorimotor and brain functioning in MCI patients, and therefore provoke benefits for their daily life functioning and well-being. ;

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NCT number NCT04546451
Study type Interventional
Source School of Health Sciences Geneva
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date January 1, 2021
Completion date May 27, 2023

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