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Retrospective observational study in which the efficacy of infliximab is studied in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and its subcutaneous levels are monitored.

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Retrospective observational study in which the efficacy of infliximab is studied in patients with inflammatory bowel disease and its subcutaneous levels are monitored. Treatment is prior to and independent of the patient's participation in the study and is governed by clinical judgment criteria and routine clinical practice, not performing any diagnostic or follow-up intervention that is not routine clinical practice. Patients are older than 14 years who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease and who receive remsima as routine treatment. The source of information will be the patient's medical history. ;

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NCT number NCT05071404
Study type Observational
Source Fundación Pública Andaluza para la gestión de la Investigación en Sevilla
Status Completed
Start date November 1, 2020
Completion date February 1, 2021

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