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Cephalic duodenopancreatectomy is part of the curative treatment for pancreatic cancer of the head and peri-ampullary area. The mortality of the procedure is around 5%, with a morbidity ranging from 30 to 50%. Infectious complications account for 35% of overall morbidity. One of the risk factors for postoperative complications is the existence of preoperative retentional jaundice, due to tumoral obstruction of the main bile duct In these cases, it is proposed to perform preoperative bile duct drainage, preferably by endoscopic stenting (ERCP). However, several studies have shown these procedures to cause biliary contamination which could be responsible for an increase in post-operative morbidity such as infectious complications and increased length of stay in hospital.. Thus, the biliary microbial flora is more often multi-microbial and may contain multidrug-resistant nosocomial germs, The study carried out by Cortes et al., based on a control case study design, also showed that a correlation between biliary colonization and postoperative infectious complications existed in patients who benefited from a preoperative biliary drainage technique. In fact, the bacteria isolated during intraoperative bile sampling were similar, in 49% of cases, to those isolated during bacteriological samples collected postoperatively during infectious complications. The work carried out by Krüger and al has shown that the spectrum of bacteria found in the preoperative bile samples from patients who have undergone bile duct dilation is potentially not covered by standard antibiotic therapy. The aim of this observational prospective study is to investigate this correlation between biliary colonization and postoperative infectious complications, to evaluate the morbidity and postoperative mortality of cephalic duodenopancreatectomies performed at the CHRU of Nancy and to study a possible adaptation of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis.

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NCT number NCT04555252
Study type Observational
Source Central Hospital, Nancy, France
Status Completed
Start date February 1, 2020
Completion date May 31, 2021

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