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The study will evaluate the influence of hepatic insufficiency on the PK of ACP-196.

Clinical Trial Description

This is a 2-part study. Part 1 of the study will compare the PK of ACP-196 in participants with mild hepatic insufficiency (a score of 5 to 6, on the Child-Pugh scale) and moderate hepatic insufficiency (a score of 7 to 9, on the Child-Pugh scale) to healthy (mean) matched control participants for age and weight. Part 2 of the study, if it is conducted, will compare the PK of ACP-196 in participants with severe hepatic insufficiency (a score of 10 to 15 on the Child-Pugh scale) to the healthy control participants from Part 1. In Part 1, 6 participants with mild hepatic insufficiency, 6 participants with moderate hepatic, and 6 healthy control participants matched to the hepatic insufficiency groups according to mean age and mean weight will be enrolled. In Part 2, if conducted, 6 participants with severe hepatic insufficiency will be enrolled. The control group of Part 1 will be used for Part 2 PK comparison. Participants will be screened within 28 days before the dose. Participants will be contacted approximately 14 days after the last dose of study drug administration to determine if any adverse event has occurred since the last dose of study drug. ;

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NCT number NCT04867941
Study type Interventional
Source Acerta Pharma BV
Status Completed
Phase Phase 1
Start date October 21, 2014
Completion date February 2, 2015

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