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This Study was designed to collect a series of patients with gliomas which were involved in language related cortex to analyze difference accuracy of language related cortex localization between BOLD-fMRI and ZOOMit-fMRI.

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Gliomas can cause language dysfunction when they are involved in language related cortex. However, tumor resection also have risk to lead postoperatively language function deficits if destroy patients' language related cortex when tumor removed. Hence, it is important for neurosurgeon to realize the situation of patients' language related cortex locations in order to determine personal operative protocol. The blood oxygen level dependent fMRI (BOLD-fMRI) is a prevalent preoperative method to localization language related cortex. It shows language relevant cortex by the change of blood oxygen level when patients cooperate to finish language tasks. The advantage of BOLD-fMRI includes higher time and spatial resolution, higher sensitivity, non-invasive. However, its accuracy of localization has not been satisfactory because neurovascular uncoupling. The ZOOMit-fMRI is a novel technic which is evolved from conventional BOLD-fMRI to localize language functional cortex.The advantage of ZOOMit-fMRI is smaller field of view (FOV) and higher spatial resolution comparing with BOLD-fMRI which helps to reduce other region of brain interference and elevate accuracy of localizations. In this study, the investigators plan to enroll 60 patients, whose gliomas are involved in language related cortex, to acquire their BOLD-fMRI and ZOOMit-fMRI data in order to analyze their difference in the accuracy of language related cortex localization. ;

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NCT number NCT05188534
Study type Observational
Source Beijing Neurosurgical Institute
Contact Tao Jiang, MD and Ph.D
Phone +86-010-67021832
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Start date February 1, 2022
Completion date December 31, 2022

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