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This is a multi-center, phase II/III, open-label, randomized, parallel and standard chemoradiation-controlled study where eligible subjects will be randomized at 1:1 ratio to receive control treatment or study treatment. The primary objective of this trial is to evaluate the effect of add-on JP001 to standard chemoradiation in increasing overall survival (OS) on newly diagnosed glioblastoma (GBM) patients.

Clinical Trial Description

After enrollment, subjects' previous tumor block used for glioblastoma diagnosis that is consented to provide during the study period will be sent to a central laboratory for the assessment of MGMT status. Moreover, subjects will be randomized in either Control or Study arm at Visit 2. Subjects in Control arm will receive a standard chemoradiation. However, subjects in Study arm will receive a standard chemoradiation in combination with concurrent JP001 in whole study period. During the study, a sufficient amount of investigational products will be supplied to subjects in study groups until next scheduled visits. Subjects will self-administer investigational product orally with water at approximately the same time in each day. Subjects should fast for a minimum of 2 hours prior to any doses of JP001 and/or Temozolomide and then fast for another 1 hour after taking JP001 and/or Temozolomide. During and at the end of treatment, subjects will be evaluated for efficacy and safety parameters. Moreover, there will be a Follow-up visit for safety 4 weeks after the End-of-Treatment visit. If a subject is early withdrawn from the study, the End-of-Treatment visit should be arranged and all assessments assigned in this visit should be performed. The Safety Follow-up visit for early withdrawn subjects could be either clinic visit or telephone contact. If withdrawn subjects refuse to perform Follow-up visit, the Follow-up visit is allowed to cancel. For subjects who completed or discontinued study treatment, assessment of survival status will be performed every 8 weeks by telephone contact until death, study end (last subject last visit; the last subject needs to be followed at least 30 months), or study termination by Sponsor. Survival information will be recorded in the medical source and CRF. If subjects are lost to follow-up or refuse to receive the assessment of survival status, the investigator will record the last date subjects known to be alive in the medical source and case report form. ;

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NCT number NCT03008148
Study type Interventional
Source Johnpro Biotech, Inc.
Contact Kwan-Hwa Chi
Phone 886-2-28332211
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase Phase 2/Phase 3
Start date October 11, 2018
Completion date April 2025

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