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The Feeling Hot studies focus on the proof-of-principle of using temperature sensing as a tool to detect nocturnal erections. In the Feeling Hot 2 study the penile skin temperature is investigated during nocturnal erections during overnight ambulatory measurements. Simultaneous measurements with the RigiScan will be performed to detect the nocturnal erections and validate the principle of temperature measurements for erectile dysfunction diagnostics.

Clinical Trial Description

Differentiation in nature of erectile dysfunction (ED) is currently made by nocturnal erection detection with the RigiScan. The RigiScan uses outdated software, measurements are user unfriendly and system components are out of stock. In the search of modernizing erectile dysfunction diagnostics, the question has arisen whether temperature measurements can function as a tool for nocturnal erection detection. With the absence of a pressure component, the patient experience should improve. Literature and mathematical modelling studies have shown that the penile temperature increases significantly during erection. However, no studies have used penile skin temperature measurements to detect nocturnal erections. The Feeling Hot 2 study explores the validity of this measurement set-up for overnight ambulatory measurements of nocturnal erections in the search of modernizing erectile dysfunction diagnostics. ;

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NCT number NCT05183620
Study type Interventional
Source St. Antonius Hospital
Contact Hille Torenvlied, BSc
Phone +31639875649
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date March 20, 2022
Completion date August 15, 2022

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