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The PRECISION-study offers a non-invasive, curative intervention for drug-resistant localised epilepsy patients who are not eligible for surgery. The intervention will consist of a single LINAC based SRT treatment and is given by the radiation-oncologist after detailed localisation of the epileptogenic zone with the neurologist, radiologist and neurosurgeon. This intervention will make curative-intent treatment possible where this could otherwise not be given and is a non-invasive and non-competitive alternative to epilepsy surgery. It is expected that the health costs for this curative treatment will not exceed standard treatment, such as lifelong medication and neuromodulation.

Clinical Trial Description

In this PRECISION-study including adult patients with drug-resistant, localised epilepsy, not eligible for surgery, we offer non-invasive linear accelerator (LINAC) based Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT) with curative intent. SRT and stereotactic radio-surgery (SRS) have been used to treat several types of neoplasms in the brain for several decades. Several publications (level 2 evidence) have shown the potential value of SRT in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, however no level-1 evidence was given enabling guideline development. A recent systematic review from our institution has shown that SRT resulted in a significant seizure cure or reduction in 58% of the 170 included patients, within 2 years after treatment. Interestingly, the ROSE trial, randomising between open surgery and SRT, has demonstrated a seizure remission of 52% in the radiotherapy group after 2 years with the proportion of seizure-free patients still increasing with a longer follow-up up to 74% after 3 years. Therefore, SRT may be considered a curative treatment for drug resistant localised epilepsy. Currently, randomized controlled SRT epilepsy trials are lacking and there is a need for high quality evidence, so SRT can be clinically implemented for localised drug-resistant epilepsy patients in the Netherlands as well. In the PRECISION-study, patients will be randomised in a 1:1 ratio between SRT and current standard care, where the latter includes AEDs and neuromodulation (i.e. DBS or VNS and/or AED continuation). We hypothesize that SRT alters the epileptogenic cerebral tissue to yield a reduction in seizures and possibly cure after 2 years, with a significant increase in the patients' quality of life. ;

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NCT number NCT05182437
Study type Interventional
Source Maastricht Radiation Oncology
Contact Daniëlle Eekers, Dr.
Phone +3188 44 55 600
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date January 1, 2023
Completion date January 1, 2028

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