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Colostrum is an irreplaceable nutrient rich in protein and antibodies. Its taste and smell are similar to those of amniotic fluid (therefore rich for the senses of the baby separated from his mother). It should be offered to every newborn baby, regardless of term and the type of breastfeeding their mom wants. The early expression of colostrum, within the first 2 hours after childbirth, is an essential way to start lactation of a mother separated from her baby. The sooner and more often the mother stimulates her breasts, the more milk she will have for her baby in the weeks to come. Manual expression of milk is therefore an essential gesture to initiate lactation, maintain it, and giving colostrum to babies as early as possible is beneficial. Two studies carried out in the neonatal medicine department of Felix Guyon Hospital in premature infants <33 week of amenorrhea (PRE'OLACT study in 2015-2016 by Dr RAJAOFERA and Diploma from university (DU) breastfeeding brief in 2018-2019 by Dr GRONDARD) found the same results: the desire for breastfeeding is 80% but manual expression of colostrum before H24 is only achieved by 30% of mothers and before H6 in only 6% of cases. .

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NCT number NCT04548050
Study type Observational
Source Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de la Réunion
Status Completed
Start date September 14, 2020
Completion date April 21, 2022