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The purpose of this study is to understand the following safety related particulars associated with the use of Pariet Tablet 5 milligram (mg) to prevent gastric and duodenal ulcer from low dose aspirin administration of 100 mg or less daily in participants with a history of gastric and duodenal ulcer: 1. Serious adverse events (SAEs) and adverse drug reactions (ADRs) 2. Unexpected adverse events (AEs) and ADRs not reflected in the precautions for use 3. Known ADRs 4. Non-serious ADRs 5. Other safety and efficacy related information.

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NCT number NCT05208268
Study type Observational
Source Eisai Inc.
Contact Jina JiEun Kim
Phone +82-10-9708-0744
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date July 23, 2020
Completion date November 11, 2022

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