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Since plaque control forms the basis for caries prevention, the type of toothpaste and its constituents becomes more important. Toothpaste containing fluoride are widely popular and fluorides have been historically reported to have effects against dental caries. However, the fluoride safe doses are still discussed ,because fluoride has toxicity and causing fluorosis. The aim of the current research is to find alternative agent that can be used without side effects.

Clinical Trial Description

Participants will be examined to ensure that they have met the smple entrey criteria,then the participants will be randomly assigned to four groups each one according to a group: 1. A group of children using low-fluoridated toothpaste (500ppm) 2. A group of children using fluoridated toothpaste (1450ppm) 3. A group of children using theobromine toothpaste (2%) 4. A group of children using low-fluoridated toothpaste (4%) The researcher will teach the participants how to brush using (tell-show-do)technique. - The brushing method that will be used is the fones technique. - Brushing duration must be 2minutes. - Frequency of brushing must be twice a day - The amount of toothpaste used is pea size. Mechanism of examination and follow up: A thorough scaling and plaque removal was conducted and the children were advised to brush their teeth using their regular toothpaste for a week before starting the research. Gingival will be evaluated with gingival index (loe and silness) ;

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NCT number NCT05187507
Study type Interventional
Source Damascus University
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date September 25, 2021
Completion date December 1, 2021

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