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Cention-N(commercially available restorative material) is a cost effective restoration for posterior restorations. Post-operative sensitivity is of great concern as far as any type of restorative material is concerned. Reduction of post-operative sensitivity is still a major on-going research. Timely advancement has lead to the discovery and usage of polymer bur for reduction of excess tooth removal, and thus reduction of sensitivity. Therefore the novelty of this study is comparision of the post operative sensitivity of Cention-N(commercially available restorative material) using conventional and polymer bur using Visual Analog Scale.

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Dental caries is a multifactorial disease which is very much prevalent in India occurring especially in high economic group and some in middle and lower economic groups of world population.The most common instruments used for excavation of dental caries are the use of diamond and carbide burs.There is effective removal of the carious tooth structure through these burs which leads to excess removal of tooth structure and weakening the teeth. Timely advancement in dentistry and the quest for the development of ideal esthetic materials to replace lost dental tissue has led to use of Cention-N(commercially available restorative material) to restore posterior teeth. Cention N(commerically available restorative material) is a recently introduced tooth-coloured, basic filling material for bulk placement in retentive preparations with or without the application of an adhesive. It is an alkise restorative which is a new category of filling material, like compomer(commercially available restorative material) or ormocer(commercially available restorative material) and is essentially a subgroup of the composite resin. Cention-N(commercially available restorative material)offers a cost-effective substitute for amalgam and also fulfills the need of an esthetic bulk fill material in the posterior region. Patients have described post-operative sensitivity as a moderate pain, of short duration, that appears spontaneously when chewing, with hot and cold foods and on rare occasions with sweet and acid foods, and it disappears when the stimulus is removed. It is characterized by an acute pain that can last for days or weeks and disappears when the stimulus is removed.It results from the interaction between the restorative technique, the clinical condition of the tooth to be treated (health of the pulp and remaining hard dental tissue) and the restorative material. Therefore, there is a permanent and unpredictable possibility of sensitivity occurring. In addition, there are other factors related to the cause of post- operative sensitivity, such as the individual profile of each patient, the shape and extension of the cavity preparation and protection of the dentin-pulp complex. Hence the novelty of this study is to evaluate of the post operative sensitivity of Cention-n (commerically available restorative material)using conventional and polymer bur. ;

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NCT number NCT05185206
Study type Interventional
Source Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital
Contact Soumya S Shetty, MDS
Phone 8888200888
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date May 2, 2020
Completion date June 30, 2022

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