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To assess the effect of continuous (cTBS) and intermittent theta burst stimulation (iTBS) stimulation on motor cortex excitability using TMS-EEG. Based on prior literature, the investigators hypothesized that N100 amplitude would be differently modulated by these two modalities.

Clinical Trial Description

Each participant underwent three experimental sessions, at least one week apart in a cross-over design, assessing the effects of a single TBS train over the motor cortex on TMS-evoked potentials measured at the same location and resting-state EEG, immediately before and after the intervention. At each session a different type of TBS was applied (cTBS, iTBS or sham) in a randomized sequence. Subjects were uninformed about the expected effects of each intervention. Sham stimulation was achieved by adding a plastic spacer (25mm thickness) between coil and scalp, preventing effective cortical stimulation. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT05206162
Study type Interventional
Source University Hospital, Ghent
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date August 2, 2017
Completion date November 13, 2017

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