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The precise role of the intrinsic circadian regulatory mechanism behind the pathogenesis of enuresis is not fully understood, but in theory, circadian rhythm irregularity may be the primary pathogenic mechanism not only for urinary outflow mechanisms but also for nocturnal bladder function. The proximity between SCN centers that control AVP release, sleep/arousal, voiding, and baroreregulation may provide the basis for circadian rhythm disturbance in one or more of these biological functions. Ganglion cells containing melanopsin pigment in the retina transmit the information they receive from the outside world about the light-dark state to the SCN via the retinohypothalamic pathway. Peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness, optic nerve head and macula are examined most frequently for the diagnosis of glaucoma and the detection of progression with optical coherence tomography (OCT). If differences in ganglion cell thickness can be detected using OCT in these children, a new avenue in Enuresis Nocturna may be opened.

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NCT number NCT05126732
Study type Observational [Patient Registry]
Source Izmir Bakircay University
Contact Yasar ISSI
Phone 00905321704131
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date January 2022
Completion date July 2022

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