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This study will be conducted to compare two different Assisted Gamete treatment (AGT) with oocyte-sibling-split design control group : AGT- initial protocol for activating oocytes by culturing oocytes in calcium ionophore after injection for two rounds of 10 minutes at 37 C, 30 minutes after injection. sample group : AGT-revised protocol oocytes will be injected by sperm previously cultured in Ca ionophore and 0.4 pL of calcium ionophore then will be cultured in calcium ionophore after injection for 10 minutes

Clinical Trial Description

investigators performed ICSI then with one of two activation protocols added : AGT-initial or AGT-revised For the AGT initial protocol, Oocytes will be injected then will be incubated in 10 mM calcium ionophore (Sigma-Aldrich) for two rounds of 10 minutes at 37 C, 30 minutes after ICSI injection, and then will be rinsed and transferred into culture medium. For the AGT-revised protocol, ejaculated spermatozoa will be exposed to calcium ionophore in a drop on the ICSI dish before injection. During the ICSI procedure, spermatozoa will be aspirated individually from the drop containing calcium ionophore and immobilized in a separate polyvinylpyrrolidone drop. Next, approximately 0.4 pL of calcium ionophore will be aspirated into the micropipette and will be injected into the oocyte with the spermatozoa. Post-ICSI oocytes will be then exposed to 50 mM calcium ionophore for 10 minutes at 37 C, and then will be washed and placed in culture medium. ;

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NCT number NCT05113238
Study type Interventional
Source Royal Fertility Center, Egypt
Contact Sahar SA Eissa, PHD
Phone 00201010397393
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date October 15, 2021
Completion date December 30, 2021

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