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The most frequent causes of mouth breathers are the adenotonsillar hypertrophy. Adenotonsillectomy is the main choice for the elimination of the obstruction. However, this surgical treatment does not have its effect well elucidated and apnea has been cited in the literature as a residual outcome. Other types of supporting treatment may also been involved such as the use of corticosteroids, physiotherapy and orthodontic-orthopedic treatment, among them rapid maxillary expansion (RME).

RME corrects the morphological constriction of the upper arch caused by buccal breathing and also reduce the airway resistance. Despite reports of RME influencing volume enhancement in pharyngeal airway, there are still few three-dimensional studies following the post-expansion effects. In addition, these changes are doubtful due postural changes of the tongue during the tomography exam. Conflicts of results are also present for changes in the nasal septum of children. The main alteration mentioned is the increase in the length of the lower third of the septum.

The investigators propose a randomized, prospective, controlled clinical trial in patients with atresic maxilla with or without adenotonsillar hypertrophy. The patients will be treated with RME and adenotonsillectomy when the obstruction is present. The purpose of this study is elucidate if there is different outcomes considering the moment of RME treatment before or after the adenotonsillectomy.

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NCT number NCT03004300
Study type Interventional
Source Universidade Federal de Goias
Status Active, not recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date July 13, 2017
Completion date March 31, 2020

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