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The pourpose of this study is to verify if have relationship between respiratory muscle strenght, peripheral muscle blood flow and gait speed in the elderly.

Clinical Trial Description

The hypothesis of this study is that elderly with inspiratory muscle weakness will present lower peripheral blood flow and consequently lower walking speed. The main aim of the study is to verify if the peripheral muscular blood flow in the elderly is different between patients with and without decrease in inspiratory muscle strength. As secondary objectives, it will be evaluated the correlation between inspiratory muscle strength and gait speed and quality of life, as well as gait speed and peripheral muscle blood flow. Fifty elderly patients of both sexes, over 65 years, from Vila Mariana Einstein Outpatient Clinic and Cora Residencial Senior, will be included to evaluate Maximum Inspiratory Pressure (Pimáx), Maximum Expiratory Pressure (Pemáx), Spirometry (FVC, PF, FEV1), 4.6m Walk Test, Quality of life for the elderly (WHOQOL old), Mini Mental Test, Body Mass Index (BMI) and peripheral muscle blood flow by venous occlusion plethysmography. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT04559659
Study type Observational
Source Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Contact Luciana D Matos, doctor
Phone (011) 2151-9408.
Status Recruiting
Start date August 20, 2019
Completion date July 20, 2022

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