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NCT ID: NCT02322177 Completed - Pregnancy Clinical Trials

Maternal Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Pregnancy: A Pregnancy Registry Protocol

Start date: December 19, 2014
Study type: Observational

Background: - People with inborn errors of metabolism can t turn food into energy the right way. This can affect a person s growth and health. Researchers want to know how this condition affects a pregnant woman and her baby. Objectives: - To collect data from the medical records of women with an inborn error of metabolism. Also, to create a pregnancy registry of inborn errors of metabolism. Eligibility: - Women with an inborn error of metabolism who either: - have been pregnant in the past, - are currently pregnant, or - have recently talked with their doctor about becoming pregnant. Design: - This study will collect data only. No extra tests will be done. - Participants will be in the study for the length of their pregnancy and for 1 year after delivery. - Participants will answer questions about their family s health. - The participant s doctor will send their medical records to researchers. These may include data about: - Last health care visit before pregnancy - Blood, urine, ultrasound, or lab results during pregnancy - Delivery and recovery after delivery - Researchers will ask for the test(s) used to confirm pregnancy. - After the participant has her baby, researchers will ask for data about how the baby is doing. This may include when the baby is sitting, walking, talking, etc. - The data will be placed into a database. The database will not include the participant s name or identifying data.