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NCT ID: NCT01153789 Completed - Headache Clinical Trials

Study of Oculomotor Dysfunction Leading to Children Vertigo

Start date: September 2010
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The eye movements of vergence allow binocular vision whatever the viewing distance or the body movements are and the perception of depth. Vergence dysfunction can lead to erroneous visual sensation of movements. In our daily life using screens (computer, game boys..) is increasing and this approach heavily the ocular vergence and can lead to symptoms if oculomotor and accommodative systems are dysfunctioning (Ped. Neurology 2000). Not knowing this pathology lead to inappropriate and expensive prescription CT scan or NMR. To evaluate the vergence performances just evaluation in static condition is currently available in ophthalmology departments. The CNRS laboratory (IRIS, FRE 3154) adapted a technic of eye movement recording to study ocular vergence in dynamic condition.