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NCT ID: NCT04456231 Recruiting - Patient Education Clinical Trials

QR Code for Endoscopic Bowel Preparation

Start date: September 2020
Study type: Observational

Patients presenting for colonoscopy at one of the participating centers will be asked to participate in the present study after careful evaluation of inclusion and exclusion criteria. Before inclusion, all patients have to sign the written informed consent. All participating patients will receive PLENVU, a well-known and approved bowel preparation agent. Patients are randomly assigned in two groups. Patients in group 1 are informed in traditional way on how to use the bowel preparation agent. This way includes discussion with the physician and nurse on how to use the bowel preparation agent and a written documentation, highlighting the individual steps again. Patients in group 2 will receive in addition a QR-code referring to an App, available for free in all App stores, explaining to the patient in detail when and how to use the bowel preparation agent. The patient is receiving the same questionnaire (please see attached) in both groups and asked to bring the filled form on the day of the examination. Endoscopy is performed in standard way and effectiveness of the bowel preparation is specifically highlighted by the physician on the documentation report. Finally, data is analyzed regarding effectiveness of the QR code regarding patient satisfaction, acceptability and quality of the bowel preparation.