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NCT ID: NCT02682368 Completed - Biliary Disease Clinical Trials

Multicentric Point of Care UltraSound by Surgeons Trial

Start date: October 1, 2015
Study type: Observational

Acute gallbladder pathology and acute diverticulitis are common conditions met in emergency departments and comprise the bulk of admissions throughout general surgical calls. Both entities need imagistic description to tailor further management, which may be not readily available at the moment of patient's presentation. These delays may lose the window of opportunity for timed, quality decision making and may induce increased length of stay and subsequent increased costs. Ultrasound scanning has become very popular over the last half century and the equipment has become more compact, of a higher quality and less expensive, which has facilitated the growth of point-of-care ultrasonography - POCUS - that is, ultrasound performed and interpreted by the clinician at the bedside. The concept of an 'ultrasound stethoscope' is rapidly moving from theory to reality. There are a number of studies and case reports that are highlighting the advantages of POCUS, but still common grounds need to be sought after. Some countries, like USA and Germany, incorporate basic ultrasound in their resident's curriculum among different specialties. In the author's knowledge and based on the literature, there are a few-second-to-none studies regarding POCUS involving strictly the surgeons. The hypothesis of this study is that, surgeon performed ultrasound can be as accurate as the radiologists' findings for basic diagnostics in the aforementioned pathology, leading to real time decision making in the benefit of the patient. The closing remark is that by learning and doing these procedures the surgeon performing POCUS doesn't undermine his/her radiologist colleague's authority and skill. The big picture is that some basic tasks are transferrable and if used in an appropriate and methodical manner the final common goal - the benefit of the patient - is readily achieved.