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Objective: This study investigated how patients' knowledge, attitude, and perceptions influence their oral hygiene practices as well as peri-implant health. Materials and Methods: Participants with single implant crowns placed in 2007-2011 completed a questionnaire that examined their knowledge, attitude, and perceptions on oral hygiene practices and peri-implant health before receiving a periodontal examination, prophylaxis, and oral hygiene education. Clinical parameters recorded were peri-implant probing depths and plaque index, width of keratinized mucosa, implant crown characteristics, reason for tooth loss, and diagnosis of peri-implant health.

Clinical Trial Description

First, a trained clinical research dental assistant interviewed the participants and showed them pictures of oral hygiene aids so that the participants could answer the survey questions accurately. Subsequently, a periodontal examination, dental prophylaxis, and oral hygiene education were performed. Participants with active diseases e.g. caries, periodontitis, or peri-implantitis were referred for further management. The following clinical parameters were recorded during the examination:

1. Probing depths at 6 sites around the implant (mesiobuccal, midbuccal, distobuccal, distolingual, midlingual and mesiolingual)

2. Plaque index (Silness & Loe 1964) at 4 sites around the implant (mesial, buccal, distal and lingual)

3. Amount of keratinized mucosa at the implant site

4. Characteristics of the implant crown:

- Type of implant crown (screw- or cement-retained) and

- Position of crown margins (supra-, equi- or sub-gingival)

5. Reason(s) for tooth loss

6. Diagnosis of peri-implant health

- Normal

- Mucositis, defined as 3 or more bleeding points per implant

- Peri-implantitis, defined as implant thread exposure that was either clinically visible or detectable with a periodontal probe. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT03497065
Study type Observational
Source National University Health System, Singapore
Status Completed
Start date April 1, 2017
Completion date September 30, 2017

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