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The unjust social, economic, and environmental conditions that African Americans face throughout their lives lead to pervasive health disparities. These disparities are driven by healthcare differences. They are driven by economic differences. Those with less financial wealth have poorer health as compared to those with higher socioeconomic status. And yet, even when controlling for these two important social determinants of health, race still predicts morbidity and mortality. What can account for this? Stress. African Americans experience more stress than their White peers. The story is even more dire for African American women who simultaneously face both racial discrimination and sexism. Indeed, gendered racial discrimination is nearly ubiquitous for Black women at all socioeconomic levels. It is also a distinct form of stress, with unique outcomes compared to other non-race-or-gender-related stressors. Finally, stress has clear downstream negative effects on health. At present, there is no mobile cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention (m-CBSMi) designed to help African American women manage racial and nonracial daily stress. The investigators intend to fill this void. Using proven CBSMi techniques, participants will learn how to manage their stress through text messages and integrated mobile web content. Supportive texts will inspire, motivate, and affirm the life experiences of participants. Educational texts will increase knowledge, develop skills, and reduce barriers to adaptive coping. A library of individually tailored videos will be delivered to each participant. All mobile web content will be accessible only through touch-based links embedded within text messages, making it easy and effortless to view this material. During Phase II the investigators will complete development of the m-CBSMi. Then, the investigators will examine the effectiveness of the m-CBSMi to reduce stress among African American female participants. Participants will be randomly assigned to either the intervention condition or to a matched control condition. Secondary measures will assess coping, well-being, subjective health, gendered racial identity, and knowledge.

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NCT number NCT04863781
Study type Interventional
Source ISA Associates, Inc.
Contact Douglas Billings, PhD
Phone 7037390880
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date February 2022
Completion date April 2023

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