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After the use of second-generation ALK-TKI drug resistance, about 50% of tissue biopsies showed mutations in the ALK kinase domain, and appropriate ALK-TKI could be selected according to different mutation sites .Phase I/II clinical trials in the US of ensatinib showed ORR of 25% (4/16) in patients previously treated with crizotinib and second-generation ALK-TKI (N=16) .In the phase II registered clinical study in China, biomarker analysis also showed that the ORR of ensatinib against drug resistance site G1202R was 33% (2/6).The ORR of I1171 and F1174 were 50% (2/4) and 71% (5/7), respectively, suggesting that ensatinib may still be effective in patients with drug resistance to other second-generation ALK inhibitors . Investigators designed this study to evaluate the clinical efficacy of ensatinib after second-generation ALK-TKI resistance.The study was a single-arm, multi-center Phase II clinical study, using ORR of patients with measurable lesions as the primary endpoint, and using Simon two-stage design to estimate the required sample size.At a 5% level of significance and 85% confidence, a minimum of 40 evaluable subjects were required for both phases.In the first stage, 20 patients were enrolled. If 2 patients had objective response, an additional 20 patients were enrolled in the second stage. If more than 5 patients /40 patients had objective response, the therapeutic drugs were considered effective.Eligible patients will take 225mg of ensaritinib orally once daily, on an empty stomach or with food, until the patient develops disease progression, develops unacceptable toxicity, the investigator or subject decides to drop out, loses follow-up, starts another antitumor therapy, or dies.The primary end points were objective response rate (ORR) to disease progression, occurrence of unacceptable toxicity, investigator or subject decision to drop out, loss of follow-up, initiation of other antitumor therapy, or death.

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NCT number NCT05178511
Study type Interventional
Source Sun Yat-sen University
Contact Wen Feng Feng, Doctor
Phone 15322302066
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase Phase 2
Start date December 1, 2021
Completion date December 31, 2024