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The investigators propose a prospective randomized trial to study fresh frozen plasma (FFP) versus albumin to determine the optimal colloid in burn resuscitations. This work addresses both FY20 focus areas, prolonged field care (PFC) and en route care, along with mitigating secondary effects of acute intervention, such as prevention of over resuscitation. Future military conflicts anticipate more extensive burn and blast injuries, and delayed evacuation. Therefore, the direct comparison of colloids used in burn resuscitation is critical to advancing battlefield medicine. Specifically, this work will provide the foundation for the use of freeze-dried plasma (FDP) in burn care by medical responders in PFC and en route care scenarios. The investigators hypothesize that FFP administration, and later FDP, in burn resuscitation is as safe as albumin, and more efficacious, in both reducing the total volume of fluid required in acute burn resuscitation and correcting burn endotheliopathy.

Clinical Trial Description

Specific Aim 1: The investigators will evaluate the total fluids administered in FFP (intervention) and albumin (control) groups. The investigators propose that the FFP group will require less total fluids administered. Specific Aim 2:The investigators will determine overall complication rates (pulmonary complications, ARDS, ACS, over-resuscitation) in the FFP (intervention) and albumin (control) administration groups. The investigators propose FFP administration will reduce the frequency of these complications. Specific Aim 3: The investigators will characterize the effects of FFP and albumin administration on endothelial dysfunction in major burns. We will measure glycocalyx degradation products (e.g. syndecan-1, glycosaminoglycans) in the serum. The investigators project FFP will mitigate GDP better than albumin. ;

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NCT number NCT05069922
Study type Interventional
Source University of Colorado, Denver
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date December 1, 2021
Completion date October 31, 2024

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