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Clinical Trial Summary

The DO-HEALTH trial will be extended into the cohort including the collection on life style factors such as diet, quality of life and physical activity, as well as health-related data on co-morbid conditions as well as a standardized assessment of multiple organ functions, physical, cognitive and mental function using surveys and standardized health assessments.

Clinical Trial Description

The DO-HEALTH cohort will be a continuation of the trial without intervention and will elucidate longterm determinants of healthy, active and independent aging in European community-dwelling older adults. The main emphasize of the cohort will be to determine the risk factors, to quantify the incidence and to describe the trajectories of incident frailty, impaired mobility, loss of independence and age related morbidity (e.g. heart arrhythmia, type 2 diabetes, falls, fractures). Additionally, the cohort will continue to investigate the primary endpoints of the original trial like the risk and incidence of injurious falls (bone); functional decline (muscle); high blood pressure (cardiovascular); cognitive decline (brain); and the rate of any infection (immunity). Moreover, the cohort will include and extend key secondary and exploratory endpoints of the original trial such as incidence and prevalence of anemia, sarcopenia, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer. ;

Study Design

NCT number NCT05062018
Study type Observational
Source University of Zurich
Status Enrolling by invitation
Start date November 26, 2019
Completion date December 31, 2022