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Researchers are looking for a better way to treat people who have symptoms caused by hormonal changes, such as hot flashes. Before a treatment can be approved for patients to take, researchers do clinical studies to better understand its safety and what happens to the treatment in the body. In this study researchers want to learn more about a new substance called elinzanetant. Elinzanetant, the study treatment, was developed to treat symptoms caused by hormonal changes, such as hot flashes. Carbamazepine is a drug that is already available for doctors to prescribe, for example against seizures. Midazolam is a treatment that is already available for doctors to prescribe as a sedative (calming treatment) or to help people sleep. In this study, the researchers will learn how much elinzanetant gets into the participants' blood when taken with or without carbamazepine. They will also get to know if taking elinzanetant will affect the amount of midazolam in the blood. The participants will all take elinzanetant as capsules, carbamazepine as tablets and midazolam as a liquid by mouth. On some days, they will take only 1 treatment of midazolam or carbamazepine or only elinzanetant. On other days, they will take two study treatments. On 3 different days during the study, the participants will take elinzanetant with midazolam, elinzanetant with carbamazepine and midazolam with carbamazepine. Each participant will be in the study for up to 10 weeks. But, the entire study will last about 4 months. During the study, all of the participants will stay at the study site for 2 periods, period 1 with 9 overnight stays and period 2 with 22 overnight stays at the study site. In addition, there will be two ambulatory visits, one before joining the study and one at the end of the study. Blood and urine samples will be collected. The doctors will also check the participants' heart health using an electrocardiogram (ECG). The participants will answer questions about how they are feeling and about any medications they are taking.

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NCT number NCT05028608
Study type Interventional
Source Bayer
Contact Bayer Clinical Trials Contact
Phone (+)1-888-84 22937
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase Phase 1
Start date September 6, 2021
Completion date January 17, 2022