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Detailed Description:In the process of women's menstrual cycle, there are different physiology at different time points in a cycle. Change, investigators select women with a menstrual cycle of 28 days and take samples every 3 days. Day 4, Day 7, Day 10, Day 13, Day 16, Day 19, Day 22, Day 25, Day 28 days, a total of 10 time points, 20 healthy women were selected, and the transcription, Protein and phosphorylation proteomics, systematically integrated analysis; at the same time, 20 subjects were classified by age group Divide into 4 groups, 21-year-old group, 28-year-old group, 35-year-old group, and 42-year-old group. At the same time, investigators then analyze the differences in the receptivity of the endometrium of different ages. The experimental design groups are: 21-year-old group, 28-year-old group, 35-year-old group, 42-year-old group, Each group includes D1 group Vs D4 group Vs D7 group Vs D10 group Vs D13 group Vs D16 group Vs D19 group Vs D22 group Vs D25 group Vs D28 group; in phosphorylation modification omics, different time points are compared with each other, Look for transcripts, proteins and phosphorylated proteins that change significantly during the cycle of change. Analyze phosphorylation modification An important role for changing proteins and an important role for cycle changes. The experiment quantified the proteome and protein acylation modification through TMT (Tandem Mass Tag), and passed GO, KEGG Pathway, Localization, Functional enrichment analysis, Cluster analysis Bioinformatics analysis

Clinical Trial Description


Study Design

NCT number NCT04860310
Study type Observational
Source Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Status Enrolling by invitation
Start date July 8, 2020
Completion date May 1, 2021