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This research project aims to test if sulforaphane, administered as broccoli sprout extract (BSE) can ameliorate glucose control in adult patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and DM 2 with GFR > 15 < 45 ml/min/1.73 m2. The glucose control will be evaluated by the oral glucose tolerance test. Moreover, as a secondary aim, we will investigate the role of sulforaphane in improving other signs of metabolic derangements present in this group of patients, including oxidate stress, proteinuria, inflammation and a decrease in the production of uremic toxins from the gut microbiota. This a multicentre randomized double-blinded controlled trial including 100 adult patients with CKD and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) between 15 and 29 ml/min/1.73m2, DM type 2, age > 18 years old. Patients will be randomized into BSE group or Placebo group. Both groups will be followed for 20 weeks: The first 12 weeks patients will receive the BSE or Placebo and, the next 8 weeks, both groups will be followed with no intervention to observe the changes in the primary and secondary outcomes. Patients randomized to BSE Group will receive 50 µmmol/day of sulforaphane administered as BSE (Lantmännen®) from week 0 to week 4. If no side-effects are reported, the sulforaphane dose will increase to 100 µmmol/day from week 5 to week 8 and in the absence of side-effects, the dose will increase to 150 µmmol/day from week 9 to week 12. Blood and urine samples and OGTT (in non-insulin dependent patients) will be performed at week 0, 12 and 20. On week 4 and 8 blood drawn for partial exam will be performed. The BSE and the placebo (maltodextrin sprayed with copper-chlorophyllin) will be administered as powder provided in a double-blind manner as dry mixtures in sealed portion size bags of similar shape and size. Randomization will be done using a computer-based block randomization algorithm. Comparisons between the primary and secondary studied variables will be done with two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with repeated measures for normally distributed variables. Variables that can interfere with the glycemic control, such as changes in the dosage of hypoglicemiants agents and insulin during the intervention will be controlled in the analysis. Those non-normally distributed will be log transformed aiming to normalize the distribution. All test will consider a P<0.05 for statistical significance. The software Stata will be used for the statistical analysis.

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NCT number NCT04858854
Study type Interventional
Source Karolinska Institutet
Contact Peter x Stenvinkel, MD
Phone 0046858582532
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date May 3, 2021
Completion date August 30, 2022

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