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Past studies have pointed out that adequate intake of calories and protein in the elderly can deferred sarcopenia and debilitating conditions. Therefore, this study intends to use oral nutrition as a way of nutritional supplements, without affecting the subjects' normal meal intake, and supplements with snacks It is expected that there will be benefits in protein and muscle synthesis. However, the palatability of oral nutritional products will affect the effectiveness of nutritional supplements. Therefore, this test provides nutrients that are easy for the subjects to ingest with a variety of flavors, in order to achieve the test calories and protein needs.

Clinical Trial Description

In this study, subjects were randomly assigned. Through a multi-center research method, a total of 100 eligible subjects were recruited, and their consent was obtained and a subject consent form was signed. The subjects were divided into two groups according to the way of nutritional intervention, including nutritional education (NE) and nutritional supplement drink (NSD), with 50 people in each group. The NE group is given regular nutrition education by qualified clinical nutritionists to ensure the effectiveness of nutrition education. In the NSD group, in addition to nutrition and health education, daily oral supplements (Meiji Mei Balance, Meiji Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) are provided daily, and snacks are supplemented between lunch and dinner and before bedtime, 2 per day. bottle. The two groups were divided into groups by lottery, and the intervention period was 12 weeks. During the intervention period, blood will be drawn at the beginning, 6th, and 12th week of the case, and blood pressure, body position, body composition and muscle strength will be measured, and dietary intake will be assessed. At the same time, a quality of life survey will also be conducted. survey, QoL survey. ;

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NCT number NCT04857463
Study type Interventional
Source Taipei Medical University
Status Enrolling by invitation
Phase N/A
Start date May 1, 2021
Completion date October 1, 2021