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Emotional regulation (ER) appears today as a fundamental skill for the adaptation of an individual to his environment. Indeed, functional and efficient ER is crucial for mental well-being, but also for physical health, for the maintenance of satisfying social relationships , and for work performance. Many research studies have shown that difficulties with ER are central to the development of many mental disorders. Consequently, this skill can be the target of psychological interventions , the effectiveness of which can be tested as well as the mechanisms underlying that effectiveness. Various "mechanisms of effectiveness" have been advanced in the literature. Of these, this project will specifically test cognitive flexibility and feelings of self-efficacy. Although a growing number of interventions attempt to target emotional regulation, few are evaluated in subclinical populations and few are protocolized. Similarly, there is little research evaluating the effectiveness processes of these interventions. To date, two types of interventions show particular promise: emotion competence based interventions and compassion focused therapy. This research will therefore be based on the evaluation of two interventions in a randomized controlled trial: Emotion Competence Training Program and Compassion Focused Program that will take place over 12 two-hour sessions in a subclinical and clinical population.

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This study is composed: - a single case study in a subclinical population - a randomized controlled study in a subclinical population - a pilot study in a clinical population ;

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NCT number NCT05113680
Study type Interventional
Source University Grenoble Alps
Status Active, not recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date March 3, 2021
Completion date December 15, 2022

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