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Stroke occurred when blood supply to brain or a part of brain is disturbed due to clot (ischaemic stroke) or due rupture of small vessels (hemorrhagic stroke) in brain and causes bleeding in brain cells. The prevalence of stroke was 1.2 % (1200/100,000) in Pakistan, 3.1% in China and it is 44.29 to 559/100,000 in different parts of the world. Leading cause of stroke is hypertension. The aim of study will be to compare universal exercise unit therapy with sling exercise therapy on lower limb kinematics, disability, balance and quality of life in chronic stroke patients.

Clinical Trial Description

This will be randomized controlled trial. Study will be conducted at Khawaja Arshed Hospital Sargodha. Duration of intervention will be 08 weeks, 5 sessions in a week, total 40 sessions. Duration of single session will be one hour. A convenient sample of n patients fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be selected from in-patient settings of various hospitals from the city Sargodha and will be allocated randomly into three groups equally after taking informed consent. Group A will obtain Universal Exercise Unit Therapy. Group B will obtain Sling Exercise Therapy and Group C will be control and will receive routine physical therapy. Outcome will be measured at baseline, 04 weeks and 08 weeks. Outcome measurement tools will be Berg balance scale, Barthel index, Short form 12 (SF-12), Trunk impairment scale, functional reach test and smart phone motion analysis for lower limb kinematics. Scores will be measure in mean and SD. Results of intervention will be comparing by using one way ANOVA by using IBM SPSS version 21.0 ;

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NCT number NCT05033873
Study type Interventional
Source Riphah International University
Contact Rabiya Noor, PhD
Phone 03344355660
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date July 15, 2021
Completion date December 30, 2022

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