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Observation study about physical activity, motor competence, pulmonary function, and health related quality of life in children, surgically treated for early onset scoliosis

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Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) defines patients who develop deformities of the spine and/or thorax in the embryologic development or in the early childhood. The exact prevalence of EOS in Norway is unknown, but it is assumed to be approximately 200-300 new EOS patients every year. EOS is a severe condition, whereby some of the most common and also most severe consequences of the deformity are severe pulmonary problems. The patients may require extensive orthopedic treatment from early childhood and until maturity to avoid serious consequences with severe pulmonary problems and shortening of life.

EOS' secondary problems, including severe consequences on the pulmonary function might contribute to enhanced inactivity. Inactivity contributes to further negative impact on development of the musculoskeletal system, motor competence and pulmonary function. Considering the severity of EOS and children's reduced life expectancy, it is extremely important that EOS children achieve the favorable impact of physical activity during their growth. Insufficient level of activity might worsen the prognosis, thus counteracting the treatment's ambitions. The investigator's aim is to extend the knowledge about level of activity, motor competence, pulmonary function, and health related quality of life in Norwegian children, surgically treated for EOS. ;

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NCT number NCT03494829
Study type Observational
Source Oslo University Hospital
Status Enrolling by invitation
Start date November 2016
Completion date March 2021

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