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NCT number NCT00642837
Study type Observational
Source Janssen Korea, Ltd., Korea
Status Completed
Phase Phase 4
Start date September 2007
Completion date May 2008

Clinical Trial Summary

The objective of this observational study is to assess improvement of quality of life in the patients who are administered Tramadol 37.5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg tablets for 10~14 weeks according to the investigator's discretion in clinical practice.

Clinical Trial Description

Recently the concerns about the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) have been increasing especially in chronic diseases. Rheumatic disease is a chronic disease, which can result in a functional disability and impaired HRQOL. Because of this chronic pain, patients with rheumatic disease have lower scores on HRQOL than general population. A several studies have indicated Ultracet as an add-on treatment to nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) for osteoarthritis(OA) pain, fibromyalgia pain and chronic low back pain significantly improved HRQOL, compared with placebo. We will use the KEQ-5D (a Korean version of the EQ-5D which is a health related quality of life questionnaire) to assess HRQOL. The KEQ-5D has been shown to be effectively sensitive in several rheumatic conditions. The study hypothesis is that the quality of life will be improved after Tramadol 37.5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg tablets administration in outpatients who need Tramadol 37.5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg tablets administration at the investigator's discretion. This is a multicenter, open-label, prospective, observational study to compare HRQOL using Korean version of EQ-5D before and after the treatment with Tramadol 37.5mg/Acetaminophen 325mg tablets and to assess the correlation among each measurement. Observational Study - No investigational drug administered

Study Design

Time Perspective: Prospective

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