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NCT number NCT03391596
Study type Interventional
Source The Gerocenter Foundation for Research and Development
Contact Riku Nikander, Professor
Phone +358 400 304433
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date December 1, 2016
Completion date October 15, 2018

Clinical Trial Summary

This study will examine whether an Internet-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) intervention is effective, firstly, on reducing depressive symptoms, and, secondly, on improving well-being of elderly family caregivers. In our study, we will compare 1) the experimental Internet-based ACT group to 2) standardized institutional rehabilitation carried out in rehabilitation centers and to 3) support provided by voluntary family caregiver associations

Clinical Trial Description

It is well-known that stress, low quality of life and depression are relatively common problems among family caregivers. The proportion of elderly family caregivers is rapidly increasing which emphasizes the need for new support systems. Internet-delivered psychological interventions are one possible approach, offering benefits as they are more easily to achieve for family caregivers who often are home-bound with their relatives.

This study will examine whether an Internet-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy intervention would be effective, firstly, on reducing depressive symptoms, and, secondly, on improving well-being of elderly family caregivers.The family caregivers' depressive symptoms, perceived burden, anxiety, quality of life, psychological flexibility, personality and physical performance will be studied by a quasi-experimental study design comparing three groups of family caregivers (Group 1, experimental: Internet-based ACT intervention; Group 2, active comparator: Standardized institutional rehabilitation in a rehabilitation center; Group 3, other: Support given by voluntary family caregiver associations). Data collection will be performed at three time points: pre, 4 months and post (10 months).

Secondly, we also aim to examine demographics and psychological variables that could predict change in depression and perceived burden over time (pre, 4 months and post (10 months). A further aim of the study is to examine potential mediators on the effect of the interventions including psychological flexibility and suppression of thoughts. Moreover, we aim to study user experiences and satisfaction of the Internet-based program, i.e., how the family caregivers experience and accept the web-based ACT intervention.

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