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NCT ID: NCT02912650 Completed - Clinical trials for Post-surgical Pain Following Extraction of Molar Teeth

A Safety And Efficacy Study of Ibuprofen 250 mg / Acetaminophen 500 mg In The Treatment Of Post-Surgical Dental Pain

Start date: September 2015
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

This is a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group, single-center study in approximately 560 subjects to determine the overall analgesic efficacy and safety of a fixed-dose ibuprofen 250 mg / acetaminophen 500 mg formulation compared to ibuprofen 250 mg alone, acetaminophen 650 mg alone, and to placebo. Subjects will be healthy males and females aged 18-40 years, inclusive, who are experiencing post-operative pain following surgical extraction of 3 or more third molar teeth. Following extraction, subjects must experience, within 5 hours, post-surgical pain of at least moderate severity (on a 4-point categorical scale), confirmed by a Visual Analog Pain Severity Rating Scale (VAS PSR) of at least 50 mm on a 100 mm VAS PSR scale. Eligible subjects will be randomized to receive a single oral dose of study medication under double-blind conditions and then evaluated on site for 12 hours following administration of study medication. Subjects will provide self-ratings of pain severity and pain relief at various time points using categorical and numerical scales. Additionally, subjects will also evaluate the time to first perceptible relief and time to meaningful relief using a double stopwatch method. Finally, at 12 hours, subjects will complete a categorical Global Evaluation of the study medication. A review of any reported adverse events will also be completed.