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NCT ID: NCT00696189 Terminated - Clinical trials for Post Operative Visual Loss

Effects of Nitrous Oxide on Intraocular Pressure

Start date: September 2006
Phase: N/A
Study type: Observational

The concept of ocular perfusion pressure (OPP), is defined as the difference between the mean arterial pressure (MAP) and the intraocular pressure (IOP.)It has been hypothesized that unopposed decreases in MAP, increases in IOP or a combination of the two may result in hypo perfusion of the eye and can cause an ocular infarction at the level of the retina or optic nerve, leading to varying degrees of visual loss which is frequently bilateral and irreversible. Both the prone position and downward head tilting (Trendelenburg position) have been associated with increases in IOP compared to the supine horizontal position (2,4,5,6), but it is not known whether the Trendelenburg position during surgery and anesthesia is associated with POVL.