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Dietary interventions designed to promote health by increasing the consumption of particular health-promoting foods (e.g., strawberries) generally target blood pressure and LDL-C; however, CVD risk reduction may also be achieved via changes in emerging endpoints such as the gut microbiome. Previous research suggests that strawberries have the potential to reduce LDL-C, but it remains unclear whether there is a dose-response relationship. Moreover, few studies have evaluated effects on vascular health or characterized changes in the gut microbiome following daily strawberry consumption. Additionally, previous studies have largely been conducted among Caucasian populations. Given the demographics of the US, it is important to evaluate effects in study populations that include ethnicities that may have higher risk of type 2 diabetes and/or other CVD risk factors, such as Hispanics. This study aims to examine the effects of 4 weeks of supplementation with two doses of freeze dried strawberry powder (low dose: 13 g/d and high dose: 40 g/d) on: 1) LDL-C and blood pressure; 2) gut microbiome profile; and 3) other CVD and type 2 diabetes risk factors, including glucose, insulin, and inflammatory markers. Overweight (BMI 25-36 kg/m2) but otherwise healthy adults with moderately elevated LDL-C (>3.0 mmol/L) and/or prehypertension (120-159/80-99 mm Hg) will be enrolled. This will optimize the potential for observing significant benefits on these outcomes. 50 eligible participants will be recruited with the expectation that at least 40 will complete the study. The placebo-controlled, crossover study design will allow for a direct comparison of dose-response within the same participant. The investigators anticipate that the bioactive components of strawberries will reduce LDL-C and blood pressure, and modify the gut microbiome, with greater changes on the high dose. There is preliminary evidence that polyphenol-rich foods can modify gut microbiota profiles, but this would be the first study to characterize the effects of daily strawberry consumption. The investigators are uniquely placed at the University of Arizona to enroll a larger percentage of Hispanic participants, who are often under-represented in clinical nutritional research. Results from the proposed study will improve understanding of how strawberries might promote health, and could provide further support for the incorporation of whole freeze dried fruit in dietary guidelines.

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NCT number NCT03522974
Study type Interventional
Source University of Arizona
Contact Chesney Richter, PhD
Phone 520-621-5382
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date December 1, 2018
Completion date December 2020

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