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NCT ID: NCT03645915 Completed - Lung Tumor Clinical Trials

GLUT1: A Novel Tool re fl Ecting Proliferative Activity of Lung Neuroendocrine Tumors

Start date: January 1, 2014
Study type: Observational

Lung neuroendocrine tumor (LNT) represents approximately 20% of all lung cancers. The classification of LNT relies upon morphology. Recently, in the World Health Organization (WHO) classification, Ki-67 rate has been proposed for classi fication. It is, however, known that Ki-67 count has a poor interlaboratory reproducibly. For that reason, our team has looked for a new biomarker. GLUT1 protein a facilitative glucose transporter protein which has ubiquitous expression in mammalian. GLUT1 is overexpressed in many human cancers. But, no study has evaluated the GLUT1 staining as an aid diagnosis in LNT. The team have assessed the GLUT1 immunohistochemical staining in 36 LNT and to assess its diagnostic value.

NCT ID: NCT03528733 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

Feasibility of Multi-Energy Digital Radiography Detector for Lung Lesions Detection

Start date: October 22, 2018
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

A single-centre, industry sponsored, pilot study to assess the feasibility of Single Exposure Dual Energy Subtraction with a Multi-Energy digital radiography detector as an imaging platform for lung lesion detection.

NCT ID: NCT02939729 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Coronary Artery Disease

Physiotherapy Prehabilitation in Patients Undergoing Cardiac or Thoracic Surgery

Start date: September 2016
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of a physiotherapy prehabilitation programme (walking and deep breathing exercises) in cardiac or thoracic patients by measuring changes in lung volumes, functional capacity physiotherapy length of stay postoperatively.

NCT ID: NCT02862288 Completed - Lung Tumor Clinical Trials

Preliminary Study of Microwave Tumoral Ablation Performances for the Treatment of Pulmonary, Renal and Bone Neoplasia.

Start date: September 2012
Phase: Phase 1/Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

The aims of this work were to assess the feasibility, efficacy, short-term outcome and safety of microwave ablation in the treatment of malignant bone, lung and renal tumors.

NCT ID: NCT02559349 Recruiting - Lung Tumor Clinical Trials

Gut Microbiota And Radiotherapy

Start date: September 2015
Phase: N/A
Study type: Observational

A pilot, single arm, single center study to determine the feasibility of obtaining stool samples from adult patients receiving SBRT to a lung tumor, if SBRT induces changes in the gut microbiota and to obtain preliminary data about possible correlation of baseline composition and changes in gut microbiota with tumor response, local control, and development of pneumonitis/other side effects.

NCT ID: NCT01394978 Completed - Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

NeoMend ProGELâ„¢ Pleural Air Leak Sealant Post-Approval Study

Start date: June 2011
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this post approval study is to further characterize the safety profile of the ProGELâ„¢ Pleural Air Leak Sealant in commercial use, with specific reference to long-term safety over 90 days of follow-up.

NCT ID: NCT01388803 Completed - Pneumothorax Clinical Trials

The Depth of Right Bronchial Blocker Placement in Taiwanese in Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery(VATS)

Start date: January 2010
Phase: N/A
Study type: Observational

A retrospective study to demonstrate the optimal depth of right side bronchial blocker for complete right lung separation. Data were collected from all patients who completed right side VATS with right side BB from Jan 2010 through Nov 2010.