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NCT ID: NCT03122860 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

A Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of SM04690 for the Treatment of Moderately to Severely Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis

Start date: April 2017
Phase: Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

This phase 2 study is a placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel group study of four concentrations of SM04690 (0.03, 0.07, 0.15, and 0.23 mg per 2 mL injection) injected intraarticularly (IA) into the target knee joint of subjects with moderately to severely symptomatic osteoarthritis (OA). Based on previous studies of SM04690, key phenotypes of laterality (unilateral vs bilateral) as well as chronic pain (as measured by the Widespread Pain Index) were identified as confounding variables impacting the overall assessment of both radiologic and clinical efficacy outcomes. The design of SM04690-OA-04 is based upon previous study designs while assessing strategies to combat the confounding impact of laterality and chronic pain. To evaluate the effect of IA vehicle injection on patient-reported outcomes (PRO) such as pain, stiffness, and function in OA, this study will also include two placebo cohorts-one cohort that receives a 2 mL IA injection of vehicle, and one cohort that receives a sham injection (i.e., a needle stick with 0 mL vehicle injected).

NCT ID: NCT03120988 Active, not recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Catabolic Marker Levels After Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) Lavage

Start date: July 2016
Phase: Phase 1
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this study is to understand how the components of osteoarthritic knee joint fluid (synovial fluid) change after lavage treatment with platelet poor plasma. Additionally, the study participants will complete outcome questionnaire surveys before and after the treatment in conjunction with when synovial fluid is removed from the knee (2, 4, and 6 weeks after lavage). This data will help determine if the treatment of an osteoarthritic knee joint with platelet poor plasma lavage is a suitable stand-alone therapy or to improve outcome by preparing a patient's knee for further regenerative therapies.

NCT ID: NCT03120052 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Physical Therapy Components for Maximum TKR Outcome

Start date: September 2017
Phase: N/A
Study type: Observational

The overall goal of this study is to identify what Physical Therapy care components are associated with the best patient-reported functional outcome after Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. The investigators are specifically looking at outcomes at 6 and 12 months after surgery.

NCT ID: NCT03117959 Withdrawn - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

TKA Using Patient-Specific Instrumentation

Start date: February 2014
Phase: Phase 4
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of our study is to determine if anatomic/kinematic total knee arthroplasties (TKAs) are superior to mechanical axis-referenced TKAs with respect to determinants of gait functionality, patient satisfaction and other objective tests of knee function as a potential indicator of long-term prosthesis outcomes. To our knowledge there has not been any literature comparing TKAs using the kinematic and mechanical axes with respect to gait analysis. A single study has compared gender-specific TKAs and found that there is no difference with respect to determinants of gait when using these prostheses (Thomsen et al, 2012), but again this study was not based on referencing off of the anatomical/kinematic axis of the knee. Our group is hoping that the small variability that may be detectable with the precision of gait analysis may be used as a predictor of future prosthesis outcome measures.

NCT ID: NCT03116230 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Gait Modification Treatments for Knee Pathology

Start date: July 2017
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The objective of this study is complete a longitudinal cross-over clinical study to investigate the effect of treatments for knee pathology, including cutaneous stimulation (skin vibration and soft knee brace), on locomotion tasks (i.e. walking, jogging, stair ascending and descending), muscle function, and pain/function.

NCT ID: NCT03111407 Recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

iAssist vs. Conventional Instrumentation in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Start date: April 2014
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this prospective study is to evaluate Zimmer® iASSISTâ„¢ with respect to radiographic, clinical and economic outcomes and compared to conventional instrumentation in primary total knee arthroplasty (NexGen or Persona knee implants).

NCT ID: NCT03110666 Recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis With Injections of BMC at the Bone-cartilage Interface. Pilot Study

Start date: July 25, 2016
Phase: Phase 4
Study type: Interventional

This pilot study will evaluate the clinica! and radiological results of a treatment for knee osteoarthritis with injections of autologous concentrated bone marrow aspirate at the bone-cartilage interface via percutaneous.

NCT ID: NCT03109652 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Serial Use of Intravenous and Oral Tranexamic Acid in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients

Start date: May 2017
Phase: Phase 4
Study type: Interventional

The usefulness of tranexamic acid(TXA) to reduce blood loss and transfusion in total knee replacement arthroplasty(TKRA) has been demonstrated. However, the optimal does, duration of treatment and route of administration of TXA to reduce blood loss while minimizing adverse effects remain uncertain. Recently, the serial use of perioperative IV and post-operative oral TXA has been shown to significantly reduce transfusion rate without increasing thromboembolic complications compared to placebo. The aim of this study is to 1) determine the beneficial effect and safety of the serial treatment of IV and oral TXA over IV use alone and 2) assess the sufficient length of postoperative use of oral TXA in TKRA patients.

NCT ID: NCT03106584 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

The Marigot Osteoarthritis Nutritional Intervention (MOANi) Trial

Start date: May 1, 2017
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of the study is to test 30 individuals with mild-moderate knee joint osteoarthritis to investigate whether the combination of Aquamin (a calcium-rich marine multi-mineral) and a polyphenol-rich pine bark extract (Enzogenol), when taken as a food supplement for 3 months has comparable or superior benefits to glucosamine sulphate in patients with painful knee osteoarthritis (KOA). From here on in we refer to Aquamin's combination product as Aquamin-plus. The main outcome measure is a reduction in pain. Provision of data that demonstrate preliminary equivalency or superiority to current, non-pharmaceutical options such as glucosamine will broaden consumer choice, and provide them with an option that is supported by science, rather than marketing alone. The hypothesis of the study is that the consumption of Aquamin-plus will have comparable effects on reducing pain in individuals with Knee Joint OA to glucosamine.

NCT ID: NCT03106142 Completed - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Knee Osteoarthritis Care: A Quality Improvement Intervention in General Practice

Start date: September 2014
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The aim of this study is to improve the referral rates to physiotherapy of patients with knee osteoarthritis. The intervention consists of one academic detailing visit directed to general practitioners (GPs)