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NCT number NCT03240419
Study type Interventional
Source Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute
Contact Eva C Diaz Fuentes, MD
Phone 501-364-3056
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date August 23, 2017
Completion date December 2018

Clinical Trial Summary

This study will assess the feasibility of a randomized control trial in which the effects of probiotic supplementation throughout pregnancy on maternal insulin sensitivity and inflammation, as well offspring gene expression and body composition are examined.

Clinical Trial Description

Maternal obesity leads to increased insulin resistance and inflammation which have been shown to induce fetal adaptations and greater risk of obesity in the offspring. Probiotic supplementation during pregnancy has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in normal weight women. However, little is known on the effects of probiotic supplementation throughout pregnancy on maternal insulin sensitivity and inflammation as well as offspring gene expression and body composition. Long term nutritional supplementation, however, is associated with increased participant burden as well as lower compliance and retention rates. Thus, this study will assess the feasibility of a long term probiotic supplementation study in obese pregnant women. Acceptance and compliance with daily capsules throughout pregnancy and study procedures will be assessed.

Study Design

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