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The project aims to make new technologies for locating people with dementia easier to use for the patients and those caring for them.

Objective: To systematically understand what improves the user experience of persons with dementia (PwD) and their primary caregivers (CG) with locating system watches to ultimately allow users to obtain more benefits from using these watches.

Aim: Improving the user experience of PwD and CG with locating system watches using a cross-over design and a theory-based educational session approach.

Clinical Trial Description

This entire research field (assistive technology in dementia care) is based on the need to address care solutions for a growing number of PwD and CG in the absence of a cure for (Alzheimer's) dementia.

Methods: A user study with two free available locating watches. In educational sessions PwD obtain a locating watch and their CG a smartphone with the application of the locating watch installed on it. By using a cross-over design each dyad (PwD and CG) obtaining both locating systems. The designed educational session hopefully ease subsequent use and make it more enjoyable. The dyads will use each system over four weeks in their real environment. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT02893800
Study type Interventional
Source Charite University, Berlin, Germany
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date June 2016
Completion date November 2016

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