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This observational study evaluates prevalence of functional perinea disorders (stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder syndrome, dysuria, anal incontinence) on CF adults patients of the North-West CF Network. Its aims are to measure the severity of urinary and anorectal symptoms ; assess their impact on patients' quality of life, sexuality, care and social life and relationships ; identify the medical and demographic factors associated with the severity of urinary and anorectal disorders and their impact and determine the relationship between the severity of these disorders, various repercussions, and risk factors.

Clinical Trial Description

Urine and/or anal leakage are more frequent and troublesome for CF patients: leaks occur during efforts or laugh like in other people, but also when coughing or sneezing, which are amplified during periods of exacerbation and with the degradation of the pulmonary condition. In addition, fear of leakage can disrupt medical care: discomfort during physiotherapy, pulmonary function test. Urinary and anorectal functional disorders are therefore not only a factor degrading the quality of life but also a risk factor for worsening bronchial obstruction, patients limiting their cough and / or their care to avoid episodes of leakage. Given the lack literature data, investigators wanted to explore these areas.

Validated and specific questionnaires will be self and anonymously administered to adult patients (n=175). The time requested to fill the forms is estimated to 1H. Questionnaires about sexual health are optional.

Prospects considered, depending on the results, are:

- Extension to the adolescent population (14 and over);

- National extension;

- Systematic proposal of a screening and an appropriate management of pelvic floor functional disorders, depending on influent characteristics (age, gender ...): multidisciplinary working group to develop guidelines and specific tools for professional training and / or patient education;

- Implementation of a comparative study of interventions. ;

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NCT number NCT02894619
Study type Observational
Source Fondation Ildys
Status Completed
Start date January 2017
Completion date June 2018

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