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NCT ID: NCT03521037 Recruiting - Neoplasms Clinical Trials

Rucaparib Hepatic Impairment Study in Patients With a Solid Tumor

Start date: March 31, 2018
Phase: Phase 1
Study type: Interventional

Phase 1, open-label, parallel group, PK, safety and tolerability study in patients with an advanced solid tumor and either normal hepatic function (Group 1, n = 8) or moderate hepatic impairment (Group 2, n = 8) according to the NCI-ODWG criteria. Patients in Group 1 and Group 2 may be enrolled in parallel, with preferential enrollment of Group 2 patients before Group 1 patients. The study will consist of 2 parts: a single-dose PK part (Part I) and a continuous rucaparib treatment part (Part II).

NCT ID: NCT03511924 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Chronic Kidney Disease Requiring Chronic Dialysis

Intradialytic Resistance Training in Haemodialysis Patients

Start date: January 11, 2018
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The study will investigate the effects of an intradialytic resistance training on microRNA´s expression and muscle strength in haemodialysis patients.

NCT ID: NCT03499288 Recruiting - Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trials

Profiling Children and Youth With Cerebral Palsy in Relation to Feeding and Nutrition

Start date: April 11, 2017
Study type: Observational

HCPs will complete questionnaires about their patients with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and invite parents/caregivers of these patients to fill in questionnaires as well. Questionnaires include questions on individualized treatment, nutritional profile and management, and patient characteristics.

NCT ID: NCT03499223 Recruiting - Diabetes Mellitus Clinical Trials

A Study to Evaluate THR-317 and Ranibizumab Combination Treatment for Diabetic Macular Oedema (DME)

Start date: April 20, 2018
Phase: Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

This study is conducted to evaluate the safety of intravitreal THR-317 administered in combination with ranibizumab, and to assess the efficacy of the combination treatment in improving best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and reducing central subfield thickness (CST), in subjects with central-involved diabetic macular oedema (CI-DME).

NCT ID: NCT03495102 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2

A Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Dulaglutide (LY2189265) in Participants With Type 2 Diabetes

Start date: April 5, 2018
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of investigational doses of once weekly dulaglutide when added to metformin in participants with type 2 diabetes with inadequate blood sugar control.

NCT ID: NCT03493997 Recruiting - Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

Multicentre International STudy for the Prevention With Ialuril® of Radio-induced Cystitis (MISTIC)

Start date: April 4, 2017
Phase: Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

The study is randomized and it will be conducted in the field of routine clinical practice. A total of 100 consecutive patients planned to receive radiotherapy for prostate cancer will be enrolled. The patients will enter the study as controls (50 patients that won't receive any experimental IMP) or as treated-group (50 patients that will be also treated with the experimental IMPs, Ialuril® and Ialuril® Soft Gels) according to a predefined, centre-specific randomization.

NCT ID: NCT03484065 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Afibrinogenemia, Congenital

Quality of Life in Patients With Congenital Afibrinogenemia

Start date: June 2016
Study type: Observational

The aim of this observational study is to evaluate the quality of life in patients with congenital afibrinogenemia using the Haemo-QoL SF for kids and the Haem-A-QoL for adult patients.

NCT ID: NCT03466411 Not yet recruiting - Crohn's Disease Clinical Trials

A Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Guselkumab in Participants With Moderately to Severely Active Crohn's Disease

Start date: April 13, 2018
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this program is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of guselkumab in participants with Crohn's disease.

NCT ID: NCT03456349 Recruiting - Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials

Multi-centre Study of HTL0018318 in Patients as an add-on to Standard-of-care

Start date: November 10, 2017
Phase: Phase 1
Study type: Interventional

Multi-centre study of HTL0018318 in patients with Alzheimer's disease as an add-on to standard-of-care

NCT ID: NCT03440125 Completed - Low Back Pain Clinical Trials

Cayenne Pepper Cataplasm - Safety Study

Start date: March 15, 2016
Phase: Phase 1/Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

The beneficial analgesic effects of Rubefacenciae (redden skin substances), is known since 1830 as a treatment for pain, cramps, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Herbal cataplasms containing rubefacient substances, such as Cayenne pepper, are commonly used as natural medications to treat painful or aching areas in the case of acute or chronic back pain, and rheumatisms. In Vienna and lower Austria, a Cayenne Pepper Cataplasm (CPC) application containing Cayenne pepper and Kaolin powder in mixed proportion, is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions of pain especially of the low back. However, a concern about the safety of such applications was recently raised. Therefore, the aims of the present study are to evaluate the effects of 10x 20min CP cataplasm application as a single treatment or in combination with electrical stimulation and massage on selected functional and molecular parameters on i) healthy subjects and ii) subjects suffering from low back pain.