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NCT ID: NCT03626090 Recruiting - Liver Cirrhosis Clinical Trials

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis

Start date: August 1, 2018
Phase: Phase 1/Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

MSCs have been studied for the treatment of liver diseases as well as non-liver diseases. MSCs have been successful in treating conditions like acute steroid-resistant GVHD in hematopoietic stem cell transplanted patients and also have shown to improve the MELD score in end-stage liver disease. There were no severe side effects observed in using autologous MSCs as a treatment option. The outcome of the studies done so far have been positive and it is encouraged to study the use of MSCs as cell therapy for treating liver diseases. The estimated rate of cirrhosis in HBV patients in Singapore is about 1.6% per year, rate of hepatocellular carcinoma is about 0.8% per year overall and 3.0% per year in cirrhotic patients. Knowing that there are not many options currently available for Liver Cirrhosis patients and that they have a poor prognosis with an average life expectancy of < 12 months, this study uses autologous MSCs to treat Liver Cirrhosis patients in Singapore. The objective of the study is to demonstrate that autologous bone marrow is safe to be used in patients with liver cirrhosis as well as demonstrate that bone marrow MSC may improve liver function and prolong patient survival.

NCT ID: NCT03622593 Not yet recruiting - Clinical trials for Diabetic Macular Edema

A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of RO6867461 in Participants With Diabetic Macular Edema

Start date: September 21, 2018
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

This study will evaluate the efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics of RO6867461 administered at 8-week intervals or as specified in the protocol following treatment initiation, compared with aflibercept once every 8 weeks (Q8W), in participants with diabetic macular edema (DME).

NCT ID: NCT03620942 Not yet recruiting - Anesthesia Clinical Trials

Development of Advanced Double Intravenous Vasopressor Automated (ADIVA) System

Start date: September 1, 2018
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Maternal hypotension during spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean delivery may bring various adverse effects. It is therefore important to closely monitor hypotension during spinal anaesthesia, however current technology does not allow the blood pressure monitoring to respond in timely manner should there be any occurrence of hypotension. The investigators developed an advanced double-intravenous vasopressor automated system (ADIVA) so as to tackle this issue via novel algorithm to control blood pressure more rigorously with more stable haemodynamic profiles.

NCT ID: NCT03620240 Recruiting - Sleep Clinical Trials

An Interactive School Sleep Education Program

Start date: July 3, 2018
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The aim of this study is to improve sleep behavior in secondary school students, through the use of an educational program specifically designed for this purpose. Data will be collected on students' time use, sleep habits, daytime functioning and mood before and after the program to assess if the program is effective in improving students' sleep behavior and corresponding outcomes.

NCT ID: NCT03617653 Not yet recruiting - Clinical trials for Cardiavascular Function

EaRneST: Exercise and CiRulating MetabolomicS: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study

Start date: July 30, 2018
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Brief Summary The purpose of this study is to investigate how circulating metabolites mediate changes in heart function after exercise intervention. Condition or disease :Cardiovascular function Intervention/treatment Cardiovascular: Echocardiography Other: Vascular Stiffness Other: Metabolomics (Blood)

NCT ID: NCT03616977 Not yet recruiting - Healthy Clinical Trials

Study to Compare 2 Formulations of LY900014 in Healthy Participants

Start date: August 2018
Phase: Phase 1
Study type: Interventional

The study involves a comparison of 2 formulations of LY900014, which is a type of fast acting insulin. Study participants will be administered LY900014 U-100 two times and LY900014 U-200 two times, over 4 study periods, by injection under the skin. Blood samples will be taken to compare how the body handles the study drugs and how they affect the blood sugar levels. Side effects and tolerability will be documented. The study will last about 4 weeks, not including screening and follow up. Screening is required within 28 days prior to the start of the study and follow up is required at least 2 weeks after the last dose of study drug.

NCT ID: NCT03607422 Recruiting - Atopic Dermatitis Clinical Trials

A Study to Evaluate Upadacitinib in Adolescent and Adult Subjects With Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Start date: July 27, 2018
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of upadacitinib for the treatment of adolescent and adult participants with moderate to severe AD who are candidates for systemic therapy.

NCT ID: NCT03602794 Not yet recruiting - Anesthesia, Local Clinical Trials

A Comparison of Local Infiltration Analgesia and Pecs Block for Analgesia in Mastectomy With Axillary Dissection - an Equivalence Study

Start date: July 16, 2018
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The investigators aim to compare the quality of pain relief provided by local infiltration analgesia delivered by surgeon and Pecs block delivered by anaesthetist under ultrasound guidance for patients undergoing mastectomy with axillary dissection.

NCT ID: NCT03596372 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Advanced CEACAM6-expressing Solid Tumors

Study of BAY1834942 in Patients With Solid Tumors

Start date: June 19, 2018
Phase: Phase 1
Study type: Interventional

This is an open-label, Phase 1, first-in-human, dose escalation and expansion study designed to assess the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and tumor response profile of the anti-Carcinoembryonic-antigen-related-cell-adhesion-molecule-6 (CEACAM6) antibody BAY1834942 in patients with advanced solid tumors known to have a prevalence for CEACAM6 expression. The study consists of dose escalation and tumor type-specific expansion in which BAY1834942 will be administered alone.

NCT ID: NCT03594929 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Hepatocellular Cancer

Effect of Remote Ischaemic preConditioning on Liver Injury in Patients Undergoing LIVER Resection Surgery

Start date: August 15, 2016
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Liver resection has improved health outcomes in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Singapore and worldwide. However, due to acute ischaemia/reperfusion injury (IRI) to the liver at the time of surgery, patients still experience significant morbidity and mortality. Therefore, novel therapies are required to protect the liver against acute IRI during partial hepatectomy. Remote ischaemic conditioning (RIC) using transient limb ischaemia/reperfusion has been shown to protect the liver in experimental animal studies. In the ERIC-LIVER trial the investigators investigate whether RIC can reduce liver injury and preserve liver function in patients with HCC undergoing partial hepatectomy.