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Observational, prospective multicentric, national study, evaluating the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways of patient with cronic coronary artery disease followed in Italian cardiology centers.

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Coronary heart disease is still highly prevalent in the world, and chronic stable angina is one of the most common clinical presentations of this disease. The objectives of chronic stable angina treatment include the reduction of symptoms, the inhibition or slowing of the progression of the disease, the prevention of associated cardiovascular events such as myocardial infarction, and the possible improvement of survival.The results of COURAGE Study and of meta-analysis of more recent studies demonstrate that patients in optimized medical therapy (OMT) (aspirin, beta-blocker and statin in association with an ACE-inhibitor and strict control of risk factors). ) the percutaneous coronary revascularization procedure (PCI) did not lead to an improvement in the cardiovascular prognosis. These data led the groups in charge of drafting the guidelines to recommend OMT as an initial treatment of stable angina, reserving the revascularization procedure for those patients with symptoms not adequately controlled by medical therapy.

It is therefore considered appropriate to plan a registry in patients with stable coronary artery disease that has the ability to describe in the heterogeneity of Italian cardiological centers the current characteristics of these patients, their treatment modalities, adherence to the current guidelines both as regards invasive therapy that the optimized medical, the use and the total cost of the resources needed to manage this pathology, the clinical course one year after entering the register.

Consecutive patients discharged (after an ordinary or day hospital admission) or managed as outpatient at Cardiology department participating in the project with a diagnosis of stable coronary artery disease will be included in the register. Enrollment will last 3 months in each center, starting with the first enrolled patient, or up to 50 patients enrolled. ;

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NCT number NCT03796741
Study type Observational
Source Heart Care Foundation
Status Completed
Start date March 17, 2016
Completion date April 24, 2018

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