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Prospective non interventional, observational registry of 150 patients undergoing TAVI with Evolut platform for bicuspid aortic stenosis.

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Study Design Study Design: prospective non-interventional multicenter registry Screening: MSCT submitted to core lab & sizing strategy pre-declared (annular sizing, supra-annular sizing, mix of both methods) Follow up: MSCT and TTE to cooper lab

TAVI treatment Predilatation according to aortic annulus Dmin Evolut Pro (23-26-29) and Evolut R 34 XL Annular anchoring of the THV Postdilatation according to the operators' discretion Study Population All consecutive patients presenting with severe and symptomatic bicuspid aortic valve stenosis or mixed disease

Inclusion Criteria 1. Age ≥18 years. 2. NYHA≥2 and/or syncope and/or angina. 3. Patient judged by the Heart Team as indicated for TAVI. 4. Anatomical suitability for transfemoral-TAVI with Evolut Pro or Evolut R XL, based on MSCT assessment.

5. Estimated life-expectancy>1 year.

Exclusion Criteria 1. Age <18 years 2. Asymptomatic patients 3. Estimated life expectancy<1 year 4. Pure aortic regurgitation. 5. LVEF<20% 6. No baseline MSCT evaluation. 7. Unsuitable aortic root anatomy for Evolut Pro or XL. 8. Unsuitable peripheral vasculature for transfemoral Evolut Pro or XL. Primary Endpoint Valve performane Secondary endpoints 30 day and 1 year mortality Patient-prosthesis mismatch Ellipticity index at 30 days Follow-up 30 days: physical examination, ECG, TTE /MSCT upon operators' judgement

1 year: physical examination, ECG, TTE. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT03495050
Study type Observational [Patient Registry]
Source Clinique Pasteur
Contact Didier TCHETCHE, MD
Phone 33562211699
Status Recruiting
Start date February 21, 2018
Completion date May 2020

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