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NCT ID: NCT02440373 Completed - Trauma Clinical Trials

Plasma Cytochrome c as Biomarker of Traumatic Injury and Predictor of Outcome

Start date: March 2014
Study type: Observational

Cytochrome c is a mitochondrial protein that plays a key role in energy metabolism. When mitochondria are injured, cytochrome c may leave mitochondria and reach the bloodstream. The investigators plan to investigate whether circulating cytochrome c levels may serve as biomarker of traumatic injury correlating with (1) severity of traumatic injury, (2) development of organ dysfunction, and (3) clinical outcomes. The Trauma Services at ALGH will enroll over 8 months 100 consecutive trauma patients who require intubation for mechanical ventilation and survive to hospital admission. The Resuscitation Institute at RFUMS will measure cytochrome c levels in plasma taken upon hospital admission and subsequently at 24, 48, and 72 hours, with additional plasma stored for markers to be defined at a later time. Blood cytochrome c levels will be analyzed in relation to severity of traumatic injury, development of organ dysfunction, and clinical outcomes including survival and functional status (adjusted for covariates such as age, gender, type of trauma, time to stabilization, comorbidities, etc.) using information obtained as part of routine medical care. Successful completion of this project will support blood cytochrome c as biomarker of traumatic injury which could be used to identify severity, predict outcomes, and assess novel mitochondrial protective strategies.