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NCT ID: NCT02697279 Terminated - Clinical trials for Abscess of Skin and/or Subcutaneous Tissue

Loop Drainage: Effectiveness in Treating Cutaneous Abscesses

Start date: October 2016
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

In the Emergency Department (ED), patients frequently seek medical treatment for cutaneous abscesses. Traditional incision and drainage (I&D), with or without packing of cutaneous abscesses has long been the accepted standard of care. This procedure is often very painful for the patient. Additionally, compliance with wound care and follow-up can present barriers to proper care and healing. Research has suggested that incision and loop drainage of an abscess may be another effective treatment for simple cutaneous abscess. Thus far, research into this procedure has been limited to the pediatric population with small sample sizes. In these previous studies, this technique was found to be an effective and less painful treatment for abscesses. Research has not been done in the adult population using this procedure. If this procedure is found to be as effective and less painful in the adult population, then it should be considered as a potential preferred I&D method for cutaneous abscess in the ED.